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How it all started

We (John and Annette) moved in to Bridge Cottage, September 2017. We chose Bridge Cottage as our new home as we both wanted a rural lifestyle but with the benefits of town life close by. We started discovering new hobbies (some re-born), like Gardening, Bee keeping, raising Chickens and socialising. Our family and friends were visiting often and were impressed with our change of lifestyle. The quote "Its like the TV program The Good Life here" was stated often, so this is where our ideas developed and so did our business. John is the quieter more innovative one, so John is in charge of the bees, veg patch and inventions. Annette is the social butterfly, so runs the Accommodation side of things, looks after the Chickens and is also growing and developing a cut flower garden. A good team together though, helping each other build the dream. We enjoy what we do so much we want to share it with you!


Bella and Daisy

Bella and Daisy, our fur babies.  Very friendly West Highland Terriers (Westies).  Bella is Daisy's mum and they are never far apart.  

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